Orchestrate everything. From anywhere.

Introducing Maestro

Maestro brings core user and system defined orchestration capabilities to RhythmOS and the open source Apache iota platform, offering you the ability to get all your machines and Internet of Things (IoT) devices working together as one— delivering what you need, how and when you need it.

What Maestro can do for you

Automated Control
Maestro allows you to set defined limits on all your machines, so if action is needed, it will be taken automatically:
User driven
Automatically adjust and tune your operations, under your terms, with a simple point-and-click interface.
Software defined
Machines that were previously restrained by proprietary hardware dependencies, can now orchestrate and work together via a common control interface.
Multi layered
Easily select where to run your Maestros, either from the cloud, onsite via the RhythmOS server, and/or directly inside any Litbit compliant device.
Easy usability
Simple user interface makes orchestrating your machines through Maestro as easy as using a mobile app:
Humanistic interface
Program your machines and operations in your own native language with Maestro's user-friendly UI. No software coding required.
Ever play Mad-Libs? Maestro is practically that simple. Just point and click, fill in the blanks, and go.
Get step-by-step guidance on creating useful Maestros by downloading free tutorials from our support app.
Seamless integration
Integrate the functionality of any RhythmOS-connected device with an array of apps, actions and services, via simple point and click:
Direct Maestro to automatically drop data into your Google apps. You define why and when.
Integrate with Slack for more effective team-related communication.
SMS and email
Ask Maestro to send you data and alerts through SMS and email, under the terms your define.
Share, receive
Create and share your own custom Maestros or download professional Maestros from the Gizmos store, increasing productivity and efficiency:
Team collaboration
Share valuable Maestros that you've created with your private colleagues and connections, or with the broader public .
Discover and execute
Search for Maestros created by experts from around the world, enabling you to be more productive and cost-efficient.
Pertpetual improvements
Continuously improve and innovate your Maestros through point and click performance tuning.

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