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Introducing Vitals

An app that knows that nobody knows your information needs better than you do. Vitals empowers you to define your own mobile App using a simple point and click interface that enables you to personalize your "Vital" data exactly the way you want to see it. This brings users-defined app creation to RhythmOS and to the open source Apache iota platform without a programmer or geek in the way. Data points can come from any of the connected sensors inside the space, from any connected device in the cloud or from "virtual points" you can define on your own.

What Vitals can do for you

Get started easily
In seconds, create a custom mobile app that'll deliver the exact insights you, your teammates and your customers need:
Customizable mobile experience
Click, drag and drop your way to creating your own custom iPhone app. No coding required.
User-defined layout
Choose from a selection of different layout and color scheme options that meet your needs, your taste and your brand.
Precise data
Avoid overload by choosing only the data you need to see, organized in a way that makes sense to you.
Mobile access to the right data
Gain secure, customized, consolidated insights into the technology and infrastructure "things" that power your business- from anywhere:
Security throughout
Access securely, with fingerprint authentication, plus end-to-end military-grade encryption that ensures the privacy and security of your data.
Swipe between screens
Navigate efficiently, swiping between customizable screens with personalized insights displayed how you want.
Location specific
Coming Soon: View data relevant to where you are, with GPS enabled screens that adjust to your location.
Remote requests and notifications
Most of the time you're not at work or in front of your desktop. Gain mobile access to key requests and notifications, at all times:
Native mobile integration
Ulilizes the native mobile operating system notifications that you already use to ensure you don't miss a thing.
Gain access to key systems messages with precise alert actions, defined by the user according to priority.
3rd party app compliant
Easily view the requests and notifications of any Litbit or 3rd party RhythmOS / Apache iota app through our standardized Ran messaging platform.
Create and share insights
Easily create a custom Vitals app for a teammate, customer or friend, and share with them directly:
Specific by user
Customized point and click dashboards that meet the specific individual needs of each person, helping to maximize focus and productivity.
Meet customer needs
Give your customers ready mobile access to data and insights they've never had before.
Socially precision
Share different data points with different people, depending on their expertise and permissions / access requirements.

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