Connect anything. Secure everything.

Introducing Rhythmos

With RhythmOS, today's leading organizations can bring together the clutter of too many devices that reside in too many silos, into a unified orchestration platform. RhythmOS is built from its core to enable better working relationships between people and the machines that serve them, while increasing productivity and reducing costs.

What Rhythmos can do for you

Unified connection
RhythmOS provides the onramp for all your devices, including legacy machines, to join the Internet of Things, making them smarter and more secure:
Machine multilingual
RhythmOS talks to machines in their native languages, then translastes them into a single, published API schema.
Scan & discovery
You can find and add points into RhythmOS automatically.
Publically available points
Easily add publically available points on the cloud, ranging from global weather or air quality stations, etc.
Share your points
Easily share access on a per point perspective, globally or privately to an individual, group, everyone or no one.
Enhanced Security
All your devices are protected by RhythmOS military-grade encryption, and your data is never exposed:
Full encryption
From point of entry to destination, all of your critical data in the RhythmOS data pipeline is securely encrypted.
Zero knowledge
You determine the access policy of all the data throughout your system, and you control the keys.
Data pipeline replication
When you run RhythmOS Enterprise onsite, our data pipeline is replicated and accessible both onsite and in the cloud.
Insecure device isolation
The RhythmOS control layer isolates the machines, devices and "things" on your network that are potentially insecure, greatly eliminating system vulnerabilities.
Limitless Scalability
RhythmOS can be run in either cloud-only or hybrid cloud+local mode, so you can scale to billions of points with reliability:
RhythmOS onsite servers
Increases your discovery, aggregation and security capabilities, while enabling continuous operation if connectivity to the cloud is lost.
RhythmOS utilizes Apache Mesos, for practically infinite scalability and redundancy to support growth to billions of points.
No "per-point" fees
We don't charge for machine points on our platform.
Cloud based SaaS platform
Our SaaS model allows you to instantly and easily add users, without any required onsite upgrades necessary. Pay only for what your need, when you need it.
Advanced Management & Support
RhythmOS Enterprise provides access to the advanced management tools, automated software upgrades and continous technical support that drives the reliability and performance you need:
Point and click simplicity
No more time-consuming training or reading thick manuals. You can deploy and manage your system quickly and easily.
Management apps included
Access to management apps such as Hubots, a human-machine social networking tool, and Gizmos, an online store where you can purchase, offer, share and download apps, points and applets.
Automated installation & upgrades
Download and installation is quick and easy, requiring no code. Management is simple too, with automated system patching and upgrade capabilities.
Enterprise support included
All software and apps come with various support levels, from free online to complete 24x7.

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